[volt-nuts] Fluke 6061A RF generator

Richard Moore richiem5683 at gmail.com
Sun May 25 01:20:43 EDT 2014

Hi All -- You all have a lot of experience with equipment. I just picked 
up a Fluke 6061A and I'm happy to say it mostly works. But... at 
frequencies below 250 MHz, as the frequency output is decreased, the 
level drops too, and starting from +12dBm (rated out, more-or-less), by 
20MHz, the positive peak of the sine wave is flattening -- this 
progression of level drop and increasing distortion keeps on until the 
bottom at 10kHz, where the level is over 4dB low and distortion is 
fairly significant.

I'm a complete novice to this instrument and to synthesizers in general. 
I can use some tips about what circuits or parts might be causing this, 
or where to look to start on a fix. I do have a manual with schematics. 
I seem to recal reading that there is a Low Band circuit that works at 
245MHz and below, so it seems like that may be where to start looking. 
Any and all suggestions appreciated.

I welcome off-list comments if that seems most appropriate.

And, sorry, if you're also a time-nut, you got this twice.

Dick Moore

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