[volt-nuts] Fluke 893 vs 895.........or other?

David Garrido d.garrido at me.com
Tue Nov 4 08:46:48 EST 2014

Hello All,

I am in the process of putting together AC/DC voltage standards in the home lab.  I want to add the necessary equipment to check out the gear and need a differential voltmeter / null detector as called out in the service manuals for the Fluke 5200A and 332D that I have recently acquired.   I am new enough to this that it would be helpful for me to have the brain trust here offer a little experience to my thoughts.

The manual for the Fluke 332D stipulates that I need (2) 895A or equivalent.

The Fluke 5200A manual calls for a Fluke 887A and a 931A or equivalent.

And................................... I will be adding a Fluke 5205A to finish off the standards.

There is a very nice 893A at a local shop with ALL factory new accessory cords and a fair price.  Will this fill the bill or should I be looking specifically for the 895, 887, and 931?

Or................are there any others that are better suited, like the 845A.  Fluke has so many darn Differential Voltmeters and Null-Detectors that it seems a daunting task to sort it all out.



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