[volt-nuts] Fluke 893 vs 895.........or other?

Frank Stellmach frank.stellmach at freenet.de
Fri Nov 7 03:03:35 EST 2014


The calibration of the 332D and of the 5200A requires more than null 
voltmeters only, but that should be clear I assume..

On page 4-4 of the manual from 1972, the 332D calls for a DC Voltage 
Calibration System, Fluke 7101, 7105 or equivalent, including another 
332D, an 845A null voltmeter , 750A reference divider, 720A Kelvin 
Varley, and a Weston standard cell.

Also look for the 335D manual from 1978, which describes the latest 
circuit updates, and has got better schematics..

Check if your 332 already got the FET chopper, the small reference 
including the reference amplifier and a small KLIXON oven, and the 
4-4-2-1 three deck calibrate type sample string already. (D version 
should have that already)

A brief discussion of the instruments versions you may find here:

The 5200A needs an AC/DC transfer standard, including several thermo 

It's pretty expensive and difficult to collect all these old 
instruments, but maybe it's fun also..

The 3458A on the other hand would replace all these calibration 
instruments to certain limits.. you could completely calibrate the 332D, 
for instance... The 3458A may serve as a Null voltmeter, a reference 
divider and a (better -than -the-720A) ratio standard. And it serves as 
a precise AC standard at lower frequencies at least, and if you include 
Swerleins algorithm.

The 1st edition of the Fluke  "Calibration - Philosophy in Practise" is 
available online for download, and describes all these wonderful "old" 
instruments and measurement techniques from the 70ties and 80ties.


Please download the 32MB pdf document, which is best in quality..

(2nd edition covers more modern instruments, but is available as 
hardcover only).


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