[volt-nuts] Completion of LED Mod's for the Fluke 845AB & 845AR Null Meter.

Dallas Smith dosmith at outlook.com
Sun Nov 23 13:29:47 EST 2014

To All,

The final modification of the Fluke null meters with LED's is completed. 
The results is impressive, keeping the basic original circuit of the 
meters. My rev 8 AR version has a double diode in the output stage which 
seems to remove the zeroing hysteresis around a zero reading was also 
made to my 845AB. Implementing two 1.2v reference diodes in the zeroing 
circuit greatly improved the zero drift for the zeroing control. There 
were also changes to the feedback response by changing two capacitors. 
If anyone is interested, please E-mail me at my personal address.

dosmith at outlook.com


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