[volt-nuts] Finally got around to modifying my Fluke 845ab with LED's

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 11 01:56:27 EDT 2014

I don't think you will find any white LEDs that are based upon UV LEDs.  UV LEDs are horribly inefficient.  All white LEDs that I know of have a "royal blue" LED as their pump.  The phosphor is typically a YAG based phosphor.  
Alsp, the warmer white the LED is,  the less efficient it is.  Same goes for high CRI LEDs.  They need to enhance the output towards the red end of the spectrum...  either using a less efficient phosphor configuration  and/or filtering out the shorter wavelengths.  In some high-CRI leds you can see red/colored particles in the dome/phosphor that filter down the shorter wavelengths.
BTW,  those big royal blue LEDs are insanely bright and your eye is not even very sensitive/responsive to them.  You can damage your eyes and not know it.  Plus there is an effect known as the "blue light hazard."  Be particularly careful with "remote phosphor" lighting LEDs that have damaged/missing phosphor panels.  10+ watts of royal blue goodness can be nasty stuff...  but then, I have designed LED lighting systems that put out 500,000+ lumens of white light into a rather small area...  I'm rather careful around bright LEDs. 		 	   		  

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