[volt-nuts] Old HP3458A - SN: 2823A 03939

acbern at gmx.de acbern at gmx.de
Mon Sep 22 03:40:06 EDT 2014

for such an old meter it is very likely that the follwing is necessary:

-replace srams, they are soldered, use sockets, then recalibrate, about 500 euro incl. cal. 
-upgrade to latest firmware, sells for about 250 euro.
-replace input filter and fan, not expensive, but since you open it up anyway and they relatively often fail (as you can also see in other blogs), it is worth doing that. say 50 euro.

then, you need to verify that the service note 18 on the a3 board drift (not the reference drift, which may be overcome by just using the meter) is ok, this takes about a week. if an issue, you need to send the meter to the fab, as in europe you cannot buy the board allone (or get a used and good one elsewhere, which is hard). at that point you have lost money anyway. 

not sure what the seller asks for, but it may be chaper to buy a used one with warranty.

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> Gents
> I'm looking for a 3458A , and have found one : SN: 2823A 03939 w. opt 002
> Seller says it's passing selftest.
> But it's an old serial# , is there any way one can verify that it has an 
> up-to date firmware , and maybe via that see if it has has all the needed 
> upgrades or ServiceNotes applied ?
> Denmark 
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