[volt-nuts] Does anyone have a 3458A CalRAM dump routine in C ?

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Wed Sep 24 06:24:16 EDT 2014

I think I have seen that instrument for sale that you are referring to (it is sn 03929 though with opt 002, right?; if so, personally I think it is already too expensive, but thats your call of course). what i wanted to point out if that is the one, this has been cal'ed long ago (cal tag visible on the photos is from 1999! thats maybe also why he says cal rams may have been changed in 1999). in that case there is no point in buying this precision instrument and saving 15 year old cal parameters. you should have that calibrated in any case, does not make sense to spend the time on saving the data other than for an academic exercise in my view.

also, one thing to consider, I have that issue with one of my 3458a's, the displays of old 3458s get dim sometimes, these displays get weaker over time. on mine it is to the point where it is hard to read the dsiplay from the side, which makes it difficult to me to read data and make records at the same time (just given where in the workplace setup the instrument sits, cannot change), so i need to replace the display. did not see that problem on the photo when buying the instrument, the photo did hide it (just a question of how they photographed it). so if you buy it you may wish to make this check part of your return right (just in case it is an issue for you if you have a problematic light situation). I think a new display board is arround 250 euro or so.

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> Betreff: [volt-nuts] Does anyone have a 3458A CalRAM dump routine in C ?
> Gents
> If i'm getting my new (old) 3458A , i'd like to do a calram backup ASAP.
> I have a few Agilent USB-GPIB adapters , and am using linux-gpib.
> Does anyone have a linux-gpib 3458A CalRAM dump routine in C or Python ?
> That would be excellent.
> Or maybe just some C source , as i'm super beginner in Python ?
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