[volt-nuts] 5200a extender

Kgoodhew kgoodhew at iinet.net.au
Wed Sep 24 21:30:15 EDT 2014

Hi Mark.
	I appreciate your concerns regarding the +- 300 volts and would be a bit worried too.
Where is the minimal spacing you mention, is it between the card edge connector pads or the tracks that connect these pads to the ribbon cable?
>From memory the only two boards that have the +- 300 volts on them are the power supply and power amplifier boards, guess I will have to drag the manual out again and look at what is connected to the adjacent pins.
Where to now?
I have pushed my 5200a aside for the last month waiting to see what develops on the extender front, however I would like to get it going soon but I have at least one problem with the attenuator board which is virtually impossible to troubleshoot without some type of extender.
I have managed to get hold of two 34/86 pin card edge sockets but I need the double sided card edge connector to go into the socket on the main chassis to be able to fabricate my own extender.
Ken Goodhew.

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