[volt-nuts] Calibration of voltage standards

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Fri Feb 13 01:44:38 EST 2015

On 13/02/2015 01:40, 张利民 wrote:
> Dear Ken Peek,
> I designed a powerless automatic 2*4 low thermal EMF switch for 3458A, 34401A and 34420A(works also on my R6581T and 1281). It performs great and I use it as my main comparison tool for 10V and 10k standards.
> http://bbs.38hot.net/thread-1186-1-1.html
> lymex/bg2vo
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>> I forgot to mention that I also own a PPM Inc. Model AVM-100 null meter.
>> Works great on AC but I need to replace the NiCd batteries for it to
>> work on batteries.  It has a 1uV scale, and it is a bit noisy on that
>> scale.  I intend to modify it to get batter 1/f noise specs on the 1uV
>> scale.
>> Does anyone know where I can get [or how to make] a low-thermal-EMF
>> switch [or relay]?  This would need to be a DPDT type to be able to
>> reverse the connection to the meter.  Ideas?
Hi Lymex,

Great idea. I will have to spend some time looking over the google 
translate version of your text, as unfortunately it seems that here in 
the United Kingdom we cannot see any in line images from 38hot. I guess 
I would have to sign up to see them? And even the video of your box 
would not stream for me.

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