[volt-nuts] Agilent 34401A Dim Display

Mitch Van Ochten Mitch at vincentelectronics.com
Mon Feb 16 11:05:19 EST 2015

Hello Dave,

Some users leave them on 24/7 which does wear the display out and makes it dimmer.  If you are going to use the unit over HPIB under computer control, it may not matter that much.  They are a really fine meter and I think you will not be disappointed.

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Hello to the list,
I just received an Agilent 34401A DVM which I purchased on ebay. I am disappointed in that the display looks to be much dimmer that I would have thought. This is the first 34401A that I have ever used so I'm not sure it this is normal. I expect that it is not normal. I wanted to solicit comments from the list members here first before I raise the issue with the seller.
Thanks in advance for your comments.

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