[volt-nuts] 3458a BASIC commands for today???

new pitts7 at williams-net.com
Wed Feb 18 21:54:35 EST 2015

Can any of the BASIC programs found in the manuals be used nowdays?

For example, the calibration manual has a BASIC program on page 5-11
that dumps the entire 253 calibration constants to a printer.

Is it possible to use the Keysight Connection Expert program to send
some kind of BASIC commands like this program to the 3458 and make
it dump the cal constants into my computer somewhere?

Or do I need a 30 year old HP computer and a dot matrix printer???

Or a $$$$$$$$$$$$ labview whatever program????

Right now I type  'cal? nnn'   253 times and save the 506 lines in notepad.


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