[volt-nuts] HP-419A Fluke 845A Mods - HP-419A HQ schematics on my shared link

Ludger.Lenzen at gmx.de Ludger.Lenzen at gmx.de
Fri Jun 26 15:50:30 EDT 2015

For all, working on a modification of the HP-419A:
I have uploaded to my HP-419A share point some high quality schematics, I have created for the modification process.

Important note:
I created them using PaintNET on 64-bit Win7.
It may impossible to open them with the 32-bit Win7 version because of the memory restrictions.

I uploaded following files:
HP419A optimized original schematic complete (with doc).PDN  (the original amplifier schematic with some additional notes)
HP419A optimized original schematic complete.PDN (the original amplifier schematic)
HP419A optimized original schematic (3µV mode).PDN (amplifier schematic in the 3µV mode)

Enjoy and feel free to comment.


Gesendet: Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2015 um 18:55 Uhr
Von: "Dave M" <dgminala at mediacombb.net>
An: "Discussion of precise voltage measurement" <volt-nuts at febo.com>
Betreff: Re: [volt-nuts] HP-419A Fluke 845A Mods - shared link
False alarm. When I downloaded the PDF again, it came through fine. The
file that I downloaded originally was only about 75K, not the 500K file that
I got the second time.

Sorry for the alarm.

Thanks again for sharing your work.
Dave M

Randy Evans wrote:
> Dave,
> I checked the HP-419A marked up schematic and I find it very clear and
> readable. Does anyone else have problem reading the pdf file?
> Thanks,
> Randy Evans
> On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 6:38 PM, Randy Evans
> <randyevans2688 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dave,
>> I should have checked it. I will generate a higher resolution
>> version tomorrow.
>> Randy
>> On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 10:49 AM, Dave M <dgminala at mediacombb.net>
>> wrote:
>>> Rady,
>>> Many thanks for the uploads.
>>> One issue... the marked-up PDF of the HP 419A schematic is virtually
>>> unreadable. Could you post a higher resolution image of the markup
>>> details? Don't really need the full schematic, just the areas where
>>> the connections to the new circuit are made.
>>> Thanks again,
>>> Dave M
>>> Randy Evans wrote:
>>>> I have created a shared link to my working folder with the details
>>>> of the HP-419A and Fluke 845A modifications. It is an in-process
>>>> design so I suspect there may be many questions. Just send your
>>>> questions and I will try to answer them. In the meantime, I will
>>>> try to find time to clean up the design a bit.
>>>> Hopefully I created the link correctly. Let me know if you have
>>>> any issues with the link.
>>>> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7b3hsy0j0wq35hw/AABkmVptTwVu2EJFRqtSdAjya?dl=0
>>>> Randy Evans AE6YG

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