[volt-nuts] volt-nuts Digest, Vol 70, Issue 16 HP-419

Marv @ Home marvin.gozum at comcast.net
Sun Jun 28 11:51:29 EDT 2015

Out of curiosity I downloaded both pdfs, and several other public 
files [ there are 3 subdirectories] on the dropbox link using Firefox 
(38.0.5).  All's well.  Fast and "instant" and I have a 30Mbs link.


At 12:51 PM 6/27/2015, John Allen wrote:
>Hi - I did some investigating and found that the download fails when 
>downloaded with the latest Firefox (38.0.5).
>But, it works when downloaded with the latest Chrome (Version 
>43.0.2357.130 m).
>FWIW, I download many PDFs a day (But not from Dropbox) all are 
>successful with Firefox.
>John K1AE

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