[volt-nuts] OCD About My HP419A Attenuator Switch Gold Plated Contacts

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Wed Mar 11 09:58:28 EDT 2015

That is a predominate reaction, but only on the surface.
Under the carbonate layer, you will find lots of nice
caustic KOH.

When I clean up NiCad vomit, I put the crusted parts into
a cup of white vinegar, where they fizz for hours.

I use white vinegar because it is distilled, and as such,
everything in it evaporates freely.  The salts, etc., that
come from this, or that, reacting with the vinegar will
not, evaporate, and need to be rinsed.

I would not, however, expect to find any KOH out in the
outer extremities, where the OP is worried.  I wouldn't
expect to find anything but whatever travelled there as

That dust, I blow away with compressed air.

-Chuck Harris

M K wrote:

>>> _______________________________________________
> I would have thought that KOH would turn into K2CO3 over time, and that would not be
> quite so agressive to deal with
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