[volt-nuts] "*WAY* too expensive for even Keysight to redesign"

Ivan Cousins ivanjcousins at gmail.com
Sun May 17 19:02:19 EDT 2015

John Phillips wrote:
"I would think that a lot of the patents would be running out soon as if
that would make any difference."

I think that John Phillips is right.

Here are some patents related to the HP3458A.
It looks like all of these patents have expired.
A new instrument based on these concepts and schematics can be marked,
"Protected by the following Patents".
etc ...

I do not own a HP3458A, but I admire the instrument and the people that
made it.
The best meter I own is a HP34401A.
It is good enough for the measurements I usually make.

Ivan Cousins
A time-nut since before 1974,
the year I started working at Tektronix.

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