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Recently acquired a HP 735A DC Transfer Standard. Replaced some caps, but 
its otherwise clean and has since been powered. Read a post recently about a 
735A oven failure that included a teardown that revealed why HP states the 
oven/ref assembly a non-serviceable part. The failure in this person's 
device was the heater, specifically the thermistor.

Anyone on this board have a 735A in use? Do you keep it powered 24/7 or 
as-needed? Any failures/repairs/mods?


Hi Nick
I also very recently  acquired a HP 735A DC Transfer Standard. Mine has a 
Power Transformer with the centre tap 'open circuit' - this I guess was the 
result of a failure in the pre-regulator circuit which in turn caused a 
resistor to 'burn-out'. I have 'hooked-up' external positive and negative 
rails and the unit works, including the oven !  So, I will rebuild this to 
the later and I think final specification - which eliminates the 
'pre-regulator' circuit. Otherwise the unit is in excellent condition, in 
keeping with HP of that period, and probably superior to the Fluke 731B. I 
gather that these are quite rare items now. Let us know how you get on with 
the 'project'
Roy Phillips.

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