[volt-nuts] HP 735A DC Transfer Standard

gilbenl at nickgilbert.org gilbenl at nickgilbert.org
Mon May 18 21:20:29 EDT 2015

(Apologies if I boff the thread reply!)

Here¹s a link to a thread on eevb about my 735a, which includes pictures
of the oven internals from another user.


Funny you mention your friend in the early 70¹s-about that time, per the
other poster in the above thread, the course cal was completely nixed and
the discrete transistors were replaced with a 723 regulator. Maybe it was
to fix the drift mentioned by your friend. My unit was manufactured in ¹68
so if that¹s the case, it should drift.

I had intended to get some characterization of the 735a. Had it connected
through my Datron 1062s until the one with ratio decided to crap out. For
the 3 mos the setup was running, the 735a is rock solid-FWIW. Will get
everything up and going again after boards.

I¹ve wanted to do a side-by-side of the 731B and 735a. I¹ve been on the
hunt for a 731B for a while-the ones that have popped up on eBay recently
haven¹t inspired confidence. Shameless pitch-I have a very nice EDC 501J
that I¹d be willing to trade 1:1 for a solid 731B, if anyone¹s interested.

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