[volt-nuts] easy 3458A AC calibration

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I used a Fluke 5100B and 8920A for my SCAL calibration. I got lucky and it passed at Agilent. I think if you use a 3325A , you should get results that are close.


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> It is stated that the ac calibration of a 3458 is so difficult. at least the equipment mentioned is so difficult to obtain. but look what you need. a hp signal generator 3325 where i have a pile of (any other good generator will do to), an other hp 3458 and 3 different thermocouples. very expensive nowhere to be found and very delicate. hp not procduced them for 40 years or ballantine which cost more then the meter your calibrating.
> but now for the accuracy. the signal generator has only 3 digits of amplitude resolution. if you see the accuracy in the hp protocol what to measure it is not possible to generate that.
> and for the thermocouples. they give only millivolts. you need an other 3458 with no offset or better a nanovolt meter to measure them.
> a far easier solution is a hp powersensor 8482a on a hp power meter. it is a thermocouple of the correct frequency range and can be measured accurate enough for the generator.
> the ac calibation is not an exact value as the volt or resistor but only a deviation in the frequency range. it is even difficult to obtain the deviation in 3 digits.
> ok it took me an hour but then i was done.
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