[volt-nuts] 3458 references on ebay again

gilbenl at nickgilbert.org gilbenl at nickgilbert.org
Sat May 30 12:51:33 EDT 2015

I asked the seller a month ago about the source of these boards. Relevant parts of his response below:

"I cannot be absolutely sure. These boards were surplus from a closed HP plant but I have sold many of these lately with minimal issues."

The "I cannot be absolutely sure" was in response to the question as to whether these boards were certified/field-ready parts, "green" references (fresh from assembly/not tested) or possibly those boards which didn't quite meet spec during testing/burn in. This was a different batch than the ones currently up. 

Anyone buy/use one of these? Seems like a great deal if they've already been deemed worthy of the 3458 spec. 

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