[volt-nuts] “A Solid-State Reference System”. Author: John R. Pickering

John Devereux john at devereux.me.uk
Sat Nov 14 06:13:28 EST 2015

Frank Stellmach <frank.stellmach at freenet.de> writes:

> Hello Alan,
> yes I have this paper, size is too big, so I'll forward it to you directly.
> The patent to this 7000 standard is UK patent GB 258 356A, about
> removing of hysteresis of the LTZ.
> Actually, it should not function in the 7000 standards, as these run
> on 45°C, and therefore the temperature swing is too low, and there is
> usually no hysteresis at this low temperature.
> I also have several interesting papers from Spreadbury and Deaver,
> about stabilities / drift behaviour of LTZ1000 and LTFLU.
> regards Frank

Hi Frank

I would love to see all these if there is any way you can email them to
me (or post somewhere).



John Devereux

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