[volt-nuts] Low-cost voltage reference questions

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Sun Nov 29 05:53:44 EST 2015

Dave wrote:

>Your table mentions at the bottom the LTZ1000, but you don't have that
>device listed in the table.  I assume that is an oversight,  but perhaps it
>was intensional.

The table I posted was a condensation of the larger table that I use, 
with entries removed that were not pertinent to the on-list 
discussion.  But I didn't remove the notes regarding shunt regulators.

>As regards humidity, I wonder if an reasonable attempt at sealing a package
>combined with silica gel inside would give an internal humidity that keeps
>fairly stable.

That is exactly what I do.  I typically package references in small, 
cast aluminum boxes, and include as large a dessicant packet as will 
fit in the unused space.  Without any special precautions as to 
sealing, I have never seen one of the dessicant packs more than 
slightly used, even after a decade or more and even if there was a 
hole in the box wall to allow for a potentiometer adjustment.  With 
precautions (using a gasket or sealing the seam with RTV after final 
testing, and sealing any adjustment holes), I think you'd be good for 
a lifetime.

Best regards,


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