[volt-nuts] Low-cost voltage reference questions

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Sun Nov 29 07:24:17 EST 2015

Dave wrote:

>Are you, or anyone else, aware of any reasons silica gel should not be used
>in electronic enclosures?

Silica gel is one of a number of available dessicants, each with its 
own uses.  It is a form of silicon dioxide (quartz), one of the least 
reactive substances known.  Silica gel is often used in electronic 
equipment to combat humidity.

Another class of dessicants comprises molecular sieves such as 
zeolites, which are used in some vacuum pumps.  These are generally 
non-reactive, and some may be suitable for use in electronic equipment.

Calcium sulfate and calcium chloride are sometimes used as dessicants 
in electronic equipment, but are more reactive and may be more likely 
to cause problems than silica gel or zeolites.

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