[volt-nuts] Looking for Datron 4808 Service Manual

Ludger.Lenzen at gmx.de Ludger.Lenzen at gmx.de
Mon Sep 14 18:34:22 EDT 2015

You may look at KO4BB / Manual


Gesendet: Montag, 14. September 2015 um 21:25 Uhr
Von: "Joe D'Elia" <joe at windrushadv.co.uk>
An: volt-nuts at febo.com
Betreff: [volt-nuts] Looking for Datron 4808 Service Manual
Having recently acquired a Datron 4808 calibrator in need of restoration I
am now looking for a Service Manual (Vol 1 & 2) so that I can restore it to
pristine condition. If anybody has a PDF then I'd be very happy to get that,
alternatively if they have an actual manual I'd be happy to discuss price if
they want to sell it. Another possibility if someone has access to a manual
and is prepared to lend it to me I'll happily pay for shipping costs to me
and back. I missed out getting a manual in the recent Manuals Plus closeout
by half an hour, if you are the person who brought that copy then share with
your fellow volt-nuts, please!

Also has anyone any data on Option 70, the Wideband Voltage Source as the
unit has this bolted to the bottom but it needs to be connected to the main
unit via two cables, so any information on those cables would be most



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