[volt-nuts] Fluke 720a self calibration repair

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Fri Sep 25 20:27:41 EDT 2015

Charles wrote:

>>I had to look it up. The company was Arrow (800 833 3557). The pots 
>>were manufactured by Bournes with a manufacturer part number of 
>>300SP-1-502. Unit cost $7.73 in 2011. I bought 26 so my cost was 
>>about $200. I wanted a "Manufactured in America" part but can't 
>>remember if that was too pricey or not.

Tony wrote:

>They are now $92.55 from Arrow now and Farnell want over $200 each 
>if you buy 25 or more!!!! There don't seem to be any obvious cheap 
>alternatives for 10 turn 20ppm/C 5W pots.

The original pots were Bunker Ramo-Eltra (later, Bunker 
Ramo-Amphenol) P/N 3800P-502.  These were 20-turn, 5k, 10%, 1W, +/-50 
ppm/C wirewound parts in the 34b rectangular package.  The Bourns 
3005P-1-502 matches these specifications (I suspect "300SP" in 
Charles's message was a typo).  I do not know if the pin layout is 
the same as the 3800P-502.  Verical has the lowest price on the 
3005P-1-502 that I could find in a quick search, $7.68 each.  Others 
charge from $9 to $14.

Tony -- what part number were you quoting specs and prices for?  I 
found nothing searching for "300SP-1-502."

Best regards,


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