[volt-nuts] volt-nuts Digest, Vol 80, Issue 14; Solratron cal issue

David C. Partridge david.partridge at perdrix.co.uk
Sat Apr 23 08:37:36 EDT 2016

Yes, there is:

The monitor mode command "I" (upper case i) will write a test pattern to the NVM and checksum it. 

************** Any calibration constants will be lost **********************

As you don't have the manuals handy here's the long form:

Use your favourite software terminal emulator (e.g. Putty) to connect to the 7081 using the serial port. (straight through serial cable).
The baud rate is determined by dip-switch S1 on the earthy logic board.  If all serial port rate switches are to the right, it's set to 9600 baud.

Issue the following commands: 


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It has been some years since I last worked on a 7081, and I don't have the manuals at hand..
Is there a way to clear the EAROM contents and perhaps load starting cal constants? I think the EAROM data is corrupt or so far off that it cannot compute new values.


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