[volt-nuts] Thermal EMF - more results

Andrea Baldoni erm191ba3 at ermione.com
Sun Jul 3 06:33:04 EDT 2016

I repeated the experiment with a better setup, I also added some alloys
that are already arrived. So far, a really "low" EMF solder hasn't been

Measurements have been done between water ice point and boiling point with
Agilent 34401A.
I don't expect the curves be linear, but here it's assumed they are.

Copper - Sn96.5/Ag3/Cu0.5 -> 3.35uV/K
Copper - Sn95.5/Ag3.8/Cu0.7 -> 3.22uV/K
Copper - Sn60/Pb40 -> 3.34uV/K
Copper - Pb92.5/Sn5/Ag2.5 -> 3.02uV/K

Copper - Brass -> 3.30uV/K

I am waiting for Sn96/Ag4, Sn99/Cu1.

Best regards,
 Andrea Baldoni

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