[volt-nuts] Solartron 7081 .. what to look for

gonzo . cadbloke at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 11 01:45:57 EST 2016

Hi Pete,
a few years ago, the UK was flooded with ex-MOD 7150+ meters. They had been stored in damp conditions and moisture was absorbed into one of the WIMA caps inside the Schaffner filter.
The caps were only rated 250V and where I was living (half way between two nukes) the line voltage often reached 255V (logged by UPS). This may have contributed to the several failures I had, but many people reported the same problem at the time.

I chose to rebuild several filters (the meters were so cheap, there was no need to only pick up only one!) because I had no confidence the new (and quite expensive) schaffner product would have higher spec parts than the original.

I guess you'll only be running 110V, so the filter may last indefinitely, but you only need smell a failed filter once to have all the incentive you need.

I did a pictorial write up of my rebuild which is hosted on Stanleys site
The original part is FN-372-2


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