[volt-nuts] Low-cost Josephson Junction Array

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Hi Paul;

I think there are some other manufactures and I have even seen several used systems in various states of disrepair on eBay over the past few years.

But I think the NIST system probably represents a real value since the system price does not fully represent all the research and development dollars spend reaching the current state of the art system what would be added to a privately developed system. If anyone does ever have an interest I would be glad to direct them to the correct person to answer technical or pricing questions. I am also glad to find and post answers through the Volt-Nut form regarding our research since the progress of science is a major part of our mission.


Thomas Knox

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>Where in the world do I *get* one of these things?  How much does it cost?

I belive NIST is still the major manufacturer in the market.

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