[volt-nuts] Low-cost Josephson Junction Array

Ken Peek ken.peek at diligentminds.com
Wed Oct 19 15:15:56 EDT 2016

Well, I already have a 3458A, a 34420A, a GPSDO (with 10Mhz output), and so
all I need is something that produces a fixed 10V (and 1V would be OK too).

I was thinking of something like the "Compact Josephson Junction Array"
[CJJA] that is used for inter-comparisons, etc.  This unit has an SIS
array, and is very "finicky" to get working-- so something based on a SINIS
array (highly damped) or something similar that can be used without having
a PhD...

It is already understood that NIST has the best solution for this if you
want the "Cadillac" version, (and have virtually unlimited funds)-- but I
don't have unlimited funds, and I don't need a programmable output, and I
don't need to generate AC waveform, and I don't need or want all of the
complexity.  $400K is *WAY* out of my budget.  I was looking more for
something on the surplus market-- or some "cast away" JJA that someone is
getting ready to throw into the dumpster-- something that nobody wants
anymore that I can get working on a _very_limited_ budget...  That's why I
mentioned the CJJA, because that has the RF source and everything built-in
(well, except for the programmable current source, but I can build those
all day long in my sleep).


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