[volt-nuts] Low-cost Josephson Junction Array

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Hi Ken;

There is a lot more to a voltage standard then the Zener, a very reasonably priced alternative to a JJA may be a Fluke 732A.

These boxes have been in use for years and their characteristics have been extensively documented.

This link may also be of interest.



Thomas Knox

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Thank you for the link!  Very informative!  There is also a nice video
showing some of the lab techniques, and some cautions working with
cryogenic liquids.

I would also like to explore miniature cryocoolers-- as these might be able
to support a small lower power array (1V) if it doesn't dissipate too much

There is already some progress in this area with a QHR made from graphene
(at the NPL in the UK).  So, maybe the same cryocooler could be used also
for the low-cost JJA ?

Having a 10V (fixed output) JJA and a 12K9 QHR would be the basis to
calibrate all other electrical standards in a lab.  It would be nice to
have these sitting in their cryocoolers cranking out volts and ohms
practically indefinitely (or as long as you want)-- and if one has even a
rubidium atomic clock, then no external signals or standards of any kind
would be needed.  Well, that and a triple-point of water cell (which I
have) for temperature calibrations.

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