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Fri Oct 28 17:09:30 EDT 2016

Let's don't get carried away with cadmium toxicity.  Yes, it is toxic is
sufficient dose but the LD50 dose for Cd is  750 mg/kg while the value
for lead is around 450mg/kg.

As far as dumping it in a solder pot, that works just fine for me.  It's
cheaper to buy 50/50 plumber's bar solder and then add the appropriate
amount of lead to get to the eutectic point.

One should also realize that cad-plated hardware is still available.  I
get mine from McMaster-Carr.


On 10/28/2016 12:39 PM, ed breya wrote:
> I would recommend against trying to use cadmium - it's very toxic, which
> is why Cd-based solders are rare nowadays. They are probably still made,
> but for lab or industrial use with proper handling. If you try to alloy
> it with Sn yourself without proper handling, you could get poisoned. You
> can't just throw the ingredients in a solder pot and expect good results.
> Ed
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