[volt-nuts] FS: NOS Agilent 34401A

Andrea Baldoni erm191ba3 at ermione.com
Mon Oct 31 10:22:41 EDT 2016


Saturday I bought a 34401A. I was interested just in another instrument but
the seller insisted to sell them only together, so I had bought this one also.

The condition is very good, it has been sold to me as NOS but I cannot be sure.
However, I checked calibration number and it's 35, means it has only the
initial factory calibration, date April 11 2001. It's complete with rubber and
handle, it's clean, without any scratch, display is bright, and everything is
like you should expect from a, if not really NOS, lightly used instrument.

I would keep it, if I had not already other two of them in the same condition
in my lab, plus a switch unit with the same multimeter inside... so it will
not end on an auction site: I offer here to the group and if no one is
interested, I'll keep it.

It's a US made Agilent marked version, with red and black binding posts (not
the previous all red ones) but still square power button and rectangular shift
key, software revision "11/05/02". Original paper User's guide and Service
guide are included, as well as a power cord, CD with Intuilink software,
original test lead kit still in the bag. The calibration certificate with
test report is missing, and I don't have original box. All the rest of the
standard accessories are there.
Of course, calibration is absolutely expired. I have not enough equipment to
verify if it's still inside limits in every range; besides that it seems to
work correctly. Other questions, just ask.

Note: it's identical to the other two I have, except that they have initial
calibration two months earlier and serial some thousands lower.
I didn't upgrade their firmware (and I don't think user can do
it) thus the software revision date late than calibration is evidently
normal for this batch.

I can eventually ship everywhere but I prefer to ship inside EU.

You can send your (reasonable) offers via mail.

Best regards,
Andrea Baldoni

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