[volt-nuts] PCBs with ceramic substrates

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Wed Apr 12 17:04:35 EDT 2017

Simple, ceramic is a generic term, like car.

And, ceramic substrates are available in all manner
of different thicknesses, densities, and materials.

Like every other engineering material, you decide what
characteristics are important to you, and you pick the
appropriate material that meets those characteristics.

If you work outside of the envelope of that material's
capabilities, the results will be disappointing.

You were opining that ceramic was too brittle, and
breakable and shouldn't be used for metrology work, I
disagreed, and attempted to enlighten you with tales of
some ceramics that you would be hard pressed to break,
even with repeated blows from a hammer.

I could tell you of transparent ceramics that are
amazingly hard, and strong.

I could go further and tell of other ceramics where you
can crumble brick sized blocks with light finger pressure.

And I could tell you of still other ceramics that you can
heat white hot with a torch, and then in a fraction of a
second, press the glowing section against your arm without
it even feeling warm.

Which could lead some to say: ceramics are cool!

But as they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you
cannot make him drink.

-Chuck Harris

cheater00 cheater00 wrote:
> What can account for this difference between your and my experience
> and what Chuck said?

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