[volt-nuts] Don't bother changing a 3457A battery if sending to Keysight for calibration.

Dr. David Kirkby (Kirkby Microwave Ltd) drkirkby at kirkbymicrowave.co.uk
Wed Feb 1 18:59:01 EST 2017

Today I went to Keysight in Winnersh in the UK for a seminar on RF material

We were given the opportunity to go for a 20 minute tour of the repair and
calibration labs. Needless to say I took up the opportunity.

There are 3 areas at Keysight in the UK.

* Repair
* Main calibration area
* Metrology (which we didn't go into in order not to change the
temperature, but one can see a lot as its surrounded by glass)

I asked whether a 8.5 digit 3458A can be calibrated there,  since somewhere
I had heard that a 3458A could not be calibrated in the UK.  I was told a
3458A can be calibrated there.

I asked about calibration of a 6.5 digit 3457A, and wherever I should send
it for cal having just removed the battery, which loses the calibration
data, or hotwire it to save the calibration data. I was told that if the
battery is available,  and not more than £30~£40, then they would change
the battery free.

I mentioned that I was a little disappointed that when I sent an 4284A LCR
meter for a free software upgrade and calibration,  no data was provided
about the instruments state before the calibration.  I was told that if an
instrument is repaired or upgraded,  even if just a software upgrad, the
repair would normally happen in the repair section, before being moved to
the calibration area, so one will not get any data about the status when it
was received.

However,  if one asks for data before an item to serviced, they will
provide that, then service it,  then calibrate it and provide that data
too. Apparently there would be no extra cost.

I don't know how policies might vary at other Keysight cal labs, but I got
the feeling that at Winnersh in the UK,  they are quite flexible.

So I am going to send my 3457A for calibration,  but ask for

1) Data on condition as received.

2) The battery to be changed.

3) Condition after it's been calibrated.

I got the business card of the individual who said that this can all be
done for no extra charge.

Obviously Keysight is not the cheapest place to get a 6.5 digit 3457A
calibrated,  but it seems that you get quite a bit for your money.


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