[volt-nuts] Fluke 332B

Jerry Hancock jerry at hanler.com
Tue Feb 14 12:38:17 EST 2017

Most likely the relay in the back left of the box is not opening because the switch that controls it (the power/standby/operate) switch is fouled.  If that relays contacts were cleaner then the tripping voltage would be lower.  I had this happen and heard later it is a common problem.  There is a long shaft that could be misaligned from the front to the back where the switch wafers are located.  If that gets misaligned, the switch doesn’t open the relay which keeps the outputs shorted.  The don’t short to a very low resistance when they are dirty.  With the unit turned off, measure and record the resistance across the output high and low terminals.  Use ohms law to determine if this is your problem.  The current trips at 50mA.  If it is tripping at 3v, then your resistance would be about 60 ohms.  Once you get it working, go back and clean that relay.

The other common problem is having the vernier current limit set too low.  In that case, just turn the current limit dial all the way clockwise.   Note that there is also a voltage trip variable control on the voltage trip knob.  

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> New to the list and to a sickly Fluke 332B which kicks out the over current protection at a mere 3 or so Volts output.  
> This is just one of my current projects, but first a question before wasting bandwidth..  I see the list archive page, but is there a secondary, or SEARCHABLE archive of this list anywhere to see what has already been said in the past about this unit?  
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> Chris
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