[volt-nuts] Current Button for Datron calibrator (4800, 4805, 4807, 4808)

David C. Partridge david.partridge at perdrix.co.uk
Mon Jul 3 14:22:41 EDT 2017


Thank you for contacting Mr Datron!  I've emailed the Fluke service centre, though whether the new Danaher managed organisation will be prepared to help is an open question.

I believe that I know the location of a manual set for the 4808 with a co-located A3 scanner.
What I don't know is how complete those manuals are.

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Hi David,

I already checked with John Pickering, and he does not have anything for the 480x series.  He suggested contacting the Fluke service center there in the UK.  Fluke bought Datron/Wavetek, and they inherited all of the manuals, parts, and IP.  IIRC, the UK Fluke service center *IS* the old Datron factory/service department.  John said that that service center has ONE "golden" manual set for the 480x services calibrators-- but it is in paper format.  I suspect that they don't have the bandwidth to convert that into a nice PDF, or they would have done that already.  You might get in touch with them, to see if some kind of deal can be struck-- where you agree to scan the manuals and make a PDF for them (if they give you access).  It might be a thing where you would have to bring your laptop and scanner to their office (so the paper manuals never leave).  If you DO get the opportunity to make this happen-- please upload it for the rest of us to use!

As for the parts-- again, maybe the Fluke service center has some parts in a dusty old box somewhere that might have what you need.  You might want to get to know them-- perhaps some premium beer (or ale) at the local pub will help ... ?


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I'm on the lookout for a button for a Datron 4800 series calibrator which

may be a bit of a long shot.

It's the one between the Ω and AC buttons with the Legend "I" (uppercase


An even longer shot - my front panel is a bit bashed - has anyone got one


You never know someone may have a spares mule!

Also (Ho! Ho!) does anyone know the whereabouts of a complete Operator

manual (with the Verification and Calibration sections), and the Service

Manual for a 4808?



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