[volt-nuts] Fluke 332B

Rob Klein rob.klein at smalldesign.nl
Sun Jul 9 12:03:23 EDT 2017


I don't know where you are based, but I happen to have two 5440B's I want to get rid of.

Anyone else in Europe who is interested can also react, of course :)

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Rob Klein

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Op 9 jul. 2017 17:33, om 17:33, "David C. Partridge" <david.partridge at perdrix.co.uk> schreef:
>Thanks Charles, 
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>David wrote:
>> When running through the calibration of the unit last night, I found 
>> that it was really quite noisy
> >
>> So, is it worthwhile to replace the chopper amplifier board and 
>> replace electrolytic caps or would that just make marginal 
>> improvements
>> If it would still be an unstable, noisy brute after I finished that,
>then I think I'll put it on eBay ...
>My experience with these extends back to when they were new.  They are
>definitely noisy even when they are in perfect condition, and this many
>years on they tend to be quite unreliable even if they have been
>thoroughly gone through.  Also, something I haven't seen mentioned much
>is that the last decade (LSD) is purely for decoration.  The accuracy
>of the 332 on its best day is worse than one division of the
>second-last decade.
>In my expeience, the original choppers work very well unless they are
>broken.  I do not expect that a chopper-stabilized op amp would provide
>meaningful improvement.
>I advise passing on the 332A/B/D and holding out for a 5440B.  You will
>not be sorry.
>Best regards,
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