[volt-nuts] New Volt?

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If it is of any interest NIST has just compared two of their PJSV's and it is in the 10-12 range.



SRI 6000 Series Programmable Josephson Voltage Standard ...<https://www.nist.gov/srm/sri/standard-reference-instruments/sri-6000-series-programmable-josephson-voltage-standard-pjvs>
The Programmable Josephson voltage standard (PJVS) is an instrument that generates stable, quantum-accurate, direct-current (DC) voltages that are programmable over ...

They also achieved the 1 volt threshold last year on the AC Josephson.

Also of possible Volt-Nut interest, I have been characterizing a number of 3458A over the past year and on interest; I always assumed that most of the drift was from the Zener, but actually the A/D's are also a major factor. You would think with all the design updates Keysight could find a better A/D then the 1988 design.


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Subject: [volt-nuts] Anyone got a photo of a 3458A with "new volt" printed on it?

 >> I was chatting to someone from my radio club in the pub last night,
and somehow we got onto the definition of a volt.
 >> I'd like to try to research this, and perhaps give a talk at our
radio club on it.

David, there was very good Swiss metrology school in 2007, Les Houches,
where Blaise Jeanneret published a concise presentation about the Volt,
its definition and history. Unfortunately, this is nowhere online anymore.

I could send it to you, if you were interested.


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