[volt-nuts] Need Fluke 332B PCB contacts (possible source?)

Andre Andre at Lanoe.net
Sun Oct 15 01:50:57 EDT 2017

I will have a look in my box of Tek stuff!
It would also be worth asking someone at Offshore Electronics or Polar, as they often have strange stuff which
gets recycled otherwise.
Can someone please send me a picture of the component and I will check with the folks at "Lightbulb Nights" too.

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Sent: 14 October 2017 16:29
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Subject: Re: [volt-nuts] Need Fluke 332B PCB contacts

Hi Chris,
I haven't found a stocking source for the contacts.  Elco/AVX requires an
order of at leasst 5000 units before they will tool up for a run.  I looked
extensively for some of these contacts at our local hamfest a few weeks ago,
but came up empty.

One of the forum members (from Australia) saw my post and sent me a salvaged
contact strip having about 20 of the contacts.  The strip was in good
condition, none of the contacts were damaged, and fits nicely on the new
PCB.  Don't know if he has any more of the contact strips.

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