[volt-nuts] Voltage references on phone base station

Andre Andre at Lanoe.net
Tue Sep 5 02:00:55 EDT 2017


Just found something interesting.

On my old salvaged 2G base station (don't ask!) I

found a chip which looks a lot like a REF02 and from memory this

is indeed a precision IC.

Can these be salvaged and put to use? I found them on greedbay but

due to my chronic cashflow problem will have to wait a bit before buying


For my purposes (boo hiss!) 4SD is fine ie 1.0186 volts

Although for the sheer heck of it I might ovenize the chip(s) and make a proper temperature compensated "Weston" source.

My current meter seems accurate despite being inexpensive, its a pink one purchased on promotion from MUG.

However it does deteriorate if the battery is low hence a need for a reliable

voltage standard to go with my atomic clock (see above)

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