[volt-nuts] Best way to measure micro Ohms

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>I want to measure the resistance between two bits of aluminum. Each are 40
>x 30 mm across. One is 250 mm long, the other is 8 mm long.

The dominant factor in the resistance you want to measure is the pressure
on the contacting surfaces.

If the contact pressure is high enough, making the joint "gas tight",
you can treat it as one contiguous piece of aluminium and just do
the math (= differential equations for complex geometries)

If the contact pressure is too low, trying to measure the joint
resistance is a fools errand, because it will not be stable over
any parameter (voltage, current, humidity, vibration, air composition,

The only known way to measure ohmic resistance in the micro-ohm
domain with any precision is caloriometric methods, and they are
experimentally troublesome to no end.

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