[volt-nuts] Power consumption of 3458A reference board / fitting one in a 3457A

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Hi Dave;

In a more detailed response to your question, i do not know a great deal about the 3457A but in recent years I have had multiple 3458A's

on my bench at a time and I have found on those instruments the AD drift can very often be greater then the reference drift. A-Cal will correct the drift but raw data then has a saw tooth appearance. Both A3 board and reference board can vary greatly in unit meeting "Spec".

I have copied a fellow Volt-Nut will who has spent a fair amount of time characterizing both the 3458A and 3457A and may have more insight on the 3457A drift and linearity. If you want to play with a few 3458A ref boards send me an address I am not sure what the current eBay type price is but if you want to keep one or both sell them for a better price in a small payback for your continuing contributions to the Time/Volt-Nuts forums.


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Subject: [volt-nuts] Power consumption of 3458A reference board / fitting one in a 3457A

I've got two different, but not totally unrelated questions.

1) Does anyone know what is the power consumption of the 3458A reference
board? I was thinking of getting one, boxing it up with a battery, that
allowed it to keep running without mains power. I would like to know the
energy storage the batteries would need to keep it running for 2 days.

2) Would there be any point fitting a similar board, with an LTZ1000A in a
3457A 6.5 digit meter? Would it be practical? I wonder if the drift on the
3457A's reference is significant, and so a LTZ1000A would be a worthwhile
upgrade. Or is the main drift not the voltage reference, and so such an
"upgrade" would be a total waste of time/money?

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