[volt-nuts] Solartron (aka Schlumberger) 7081

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I assume you've seen my website: <http://perdrix.co.uk/Solartron7081/index.htm>?   The last corporate owner of the Solartron brand was Ametek, and their branch in Farnborough did calibrate them up to at least the late "noughties".  I don't know if they still do.   The full service manual and factory calibration instructions are on my website.

Sadly the Commodore PET software to control the calibration process was never released (AFAIK)?

They are easy to calibrate if you have a good calibrator (I have a 4808 which is now fully working).  I live in Kenilworth so not too far from  you.

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I've been offered a Solartron 7081 8.5 digit meter, but are having difficulty finding out much about this. Is there any "official" place where these can be calibrated? As far as I can see from a search of Companies House


Solartron Instruments Ltd was dissolved in 2013. I don't know if there is really anybody able to calibrate these things.

Clearly the meter is not in the same league as a 3458A. but I've been offered it for little more than the cost of a new Keysight  U1282A 4.5 digit handheld meter! I've no idea when it was last calibrated, but I suspect long ago.

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