[volt-nuts] 3458A Multi-Year Calibration/Service Agreement

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I have been in contact with Keysight US sales team and I'm getting ready to sign a 5-year contract for yearly calibration and any service or repair needed during the agreement period. The agreement is for the lowest level of calibration service "Keysight Calibration Agreement" with a yearly price of $588 and "Repair Agreement" for a yearly price of $192, totaling $780 per year for both. They are offering a 5% discount for a 5-year agreement which brings the cost to $741 yearly committed for 5 years. I know this is a lot higher cost than what used to be $250-$350 several years back. Has anyone in this group negotiated, or know of, a recent multi-year agreement with Keysight for 3458A calibration/repair that can comment on this. 


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Subject: [volt-nuts] Does desoldering and resoldering an LTZ1000A reset the ageing?

There seems to be plenty of evidence that meters like the 3458A improve stability over time. I believe that most/all is due to improved stability of the LTZ1000A.

Does anyone know if desoldering one and resoldering resets the aging process? I see a number of used LTZ1000A ICs on eBay from China that look like they have been poorly removed. They are about the same price as a brand new LTZ1000A.

I wondering if properly removed, a used chip is no more stable than a new one.

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