[volt-nuts] First Light: IET HSVR + KVD = 05.00000V @ 18.5 Degrees C

geoelectronics at rallstech.net geoelectronics at rallstech.net
Sat Apr 21 21:36:48 EDT 2018

With a temp. rating 0-50 C, 1ppm/C 

22V input from regulated bench supply to an IET High Stability Voltage
Reference module, or HSVR-6.3, specified at 6.2998V (ref. NIST). At
first power-on it read 6.299995V then started settling down. 

Measurements made with in-factory-calibration Keysight 34770A,
auto-caled @ 18.5 C (stable) and set to 1G input. 

HSVR has been sitting in its original packing and box for over a decade,
never powered up until today. 

P.S. Sorry if procedural errors in posting and forgive me, I'm just now
learning about the statistical end of this hobby. 

George Dowell (Geo) 



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