[volt-nuts] Cropico DO4A Digital Ohmmeter

Bob Albert bob91343 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 17:35:19 EDT 2018

 I have a few very low resistance resistors (around 50 milliohms), four terminal of course, rated at .05% or maybe better.  I built a low resistance Ohmmeter but don't use it since I got my HP3456A with very good resolution.  I can measure the resistance of a screwdriver shaft with it, although there can be issues with contact potential.  It has a function to eliminate that error but I am not too confident.  Measuring using AC would be a good solution.
I bought some cheap Kelvin test clips but they don't hold on too well, and I don't know how to modify them for more solid clamping.  (They are similar to ordinary clips but each jaw is insulated separately so you can use them for 4 terminal measurements.  The DIY meter simply uses four clips.)
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> Sorry, I realise now I could have explained better, I do know what
> transistor it is but that's not the problem, this looks to be quite a
> complex power suply/charger circuit, with at least three unmarked
> adjustment pots so if I change the device, even for the same part number,
> it's quite possible it will need readjustment and that's what I don't have
> any information on.
> Nigel, GM8PZR

I see this is a low-resistance (10 u ohm resolution) ohmmeter. Have you any
idea how you are going to check the calibration? I just bought a Simpson
444, which has 1 u ohm resolution. I have not got it yet, but are wondering
how I am going to check the calibration.

0.005% resistors are available from Farnell in a fairly limited number of
values, but certainty not in the range of values needed for a milli/micro
ohm meter.

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