[volt-nuts] [offlist] Re: Cropico DO4A Digital Ohmmeter

geoelectronics at rallstech.net geoelectronics at rallstech.net
Tue May 1 11:22:02 EDT 2018

Good strategy Nigel. 

Wet slug tantalum- yuk. 

I've opened sealed packaging around new but in extended storage Canberra
NIM 5kV power supplies, had he unit smoke first time hooked power to it.
The rest of them, I just went through and removed all the tantalum
bypass caps before first test.... 

A lot of older nucleonic equipment uses 6V lead-acid batteries, not just
for backup but as a regulator for the main power supply. Removing the
battery and plugging in the mains = instant smoke due to over Voltage.
Basically they are battery operated instruments that happen be float
charging 24/7. 

George Dowell

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