[volt-nuts] Two 4338B high resistance meters fail on the same range - Keysight can't adjust EEPROM of either.

geoelectronics at rallstech.net geoelectronics at rallstech.net
Wed May 2 09:25:03 EDT 2018

"This reflects my experience when using
it to measure close tolerance resistors - measuring them at low voltages
gives poor results, but at higher voltage, the resistances are measured
more accurately." 

I noticed similar results in general, over years ad several instruments.
Always wondered why, but we have a rule-of-thumb: if the part is to be
used at X KiloVolts, test it at X Kilovlolt. 

My 34470A struggles with measuring 1 G Ohm resistors, placing it in "low
power" helps, but not to my satisfaction. The HP/Yokogawa 4329A we have
is stable as a rock, but of course analog output/ limited resolution. I
will probably set up an  old school work station to measure these 1G Ohm
with a bridge and standard resistor made up of 10 99M precision
resistors which we also use a lot, with a trim pot. 

On another instrument at the other end of he spectrum, my HP4328A
milliOhm meter is having battery issues. 

Does anyone know if it can be run safely without the battery i it? I
hate to destroy the calibration labels to get inside and look for

George Dowell

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