[volt-nuts] EU3458A - what appears to be a 3458A for sales in the European Union only

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Tue May 15 09:48:12 EDT 2018

In message <7862525b-4879-0c7c-c13a-9a6c1f4a3523 at freenet.de>, "Dr. Frank" write

>Up to then, it was easy to buy and insert four 62256 SRAMs and get the 
>01 option for maybe 30€.
>I've done that directly in 1989, for my first 3458A @ university, later 
>in 2009 for my own hp3458A (2001 vintage), and these RAMs are still 
>available today, if you have an elder unit.

And now comes the pointed question:

How many of you have actually ever used that extra memory ?

As far as I can tell, most people simply want to check as many
"Opt" boxes as possible, just on general collectors principle,
they never actually use the extra memory for anything.

So please spare me the tears over KeySight charging money to cover
their costs and make some profit on that PAL chip...

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