Subscribing to the KC-Link Mailing List

The following information from the National Keratoconus Foundation describes how to subscribe to the KC-Link mailing list, which is an absolutely vital resource for any KC patient or supporter.

An Internet List for Keratoconus Patients and their Doctors

Dear potential subscriber:

Keratoconus-link is an interactive forum for people with keratoconus worldwide. The link offers those with keratoconus a unique opportunity to share their "KC" experiences and concerns with others who can truly understand the frustrations of this condition. The camaraderie they share and support they offer each other is invaluable. In addition, a cadre of eye care practitioners -ophthalmologists, optometrists, and contact lens fitters - regularly participate. Keratoconus-link numbers over 800 participants from 30 countries the world over.

E-mail messages, or "postings", are automatically sent to all subscribers on the list creating a worldwide keratoconus family. In addition to providing a forum for discussion of issues related to keratoconus, keratoconus-link provides information on other relevant Internet resources.

If you are new to e-mail lists on the Internet, you will find that this is a source of useful information.

Subscribers can receive INDIVIDUAL messages throughout the day or a DIGEST format (one message sent daily with all that day's messages included as attachments). When you subscribe, please specify which you prefer.

To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail to:

In the body of the message: subscribe keratoconus-link YOUR NAME (not your email address).

Specify if you want to receive INDIVIDUAL messages or the DIGEST format.

Postings for discussion should be sent to:

Any administrative questions should be addressed to:

All postings will automatically be sent to all the subscribers on the list (either individually throughout the day or once a day in the digest format). We ask that subscribers be judicious and restrict postings to subject matter that will be of value to other subscribers.

Participants should not act on medical advice offered over the Internet. There is no substitute for sound advice from one's personal eye care provider. Opinions expressed by practitioners on the net should not be construed as authoritative or as direct medical advice.

Welcome to keratoconus-link, we look forward to sharing information on the Internet.

Catherine Warren, RN
National Keratoconus Foundation
8733 Beverly Blvd. #201
Los Angeles, CA 90048